Shivanshi Sharma

Conversational Marketing and SEO

The power of live chats and chatbots

We all know how we started with SEO, solely relying on keywords, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and backlinks. We all chased search engine algorithms, but now the focus has shifted to a more human-centric approach. Now, we prioritise the user experience and build a genuine connection with our audience. So, this is where conversational marketing comes in. It is transforming the ways of traditional search engine optimisation with a more human-centric approach to engaging with their audience. In this blog post, we will take you through all that revolves around conversational marketing so that you can optimise your search engine for better results and keep up with the trend, but first let us understand – ‘What is conversational marketing?’ 

What is conversational marketing?

Conversational marketing is a take on traditional marketing where dialogue is preferred over monologue. It uses tools like chatbots and live chat to engage website visitors in real time, fostering personalised connections and understanding their needs. This two-way interaction generates valuable user intent and pain point data, informing content creation and website optimisation for better search engine ranking. By prioritising user experience and building genuine relationships, conversational marketing revolutionises search engine marketing, leading to increased engagement and a thriving online presence.  

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The Power of Dialogue:
Conversation marketing tools include chatbots, live chats, etc. integrated into your website, which allows real-time interaction with your audience and visitors. Imagine a person visiting your marketing website, and your website becomes the perfect marketing coach that your visitor requires. Also, imagine that your e-commerce website dealing with beauty and skincare becomes the perfect guide and salesperson, making the visitor experience rich and seamless. Well, all of this can be easily done for your business, despite its nature. But how does it help with your SEO? Let us find out.

1. Every conversation that is generated between your tool and a visitor gains and records data relevant to the user’s needs and search. This, in turn, helps you optimise your keyword research. 

2. Another SEO benefit is that you can use the user-generated data and study it to develop new content that will directly resonate with your audience. 

3. Conversational marketing platforms often integrate with your website’s content management system (CMS). This enables you to leverage user data from chat conversations to deliver personalised content, product, and service recommendations on your website.

4. Conversational marketing also helps you foster a more human connection with your audience. By providing real-time support and addressing their concerns directly, you establish trust and build stronger brand loyalty.

How to get started with Conversational Marketing for SEO:

Think of it this way: instead of your website being full of text and phrases, conversational marketing helps you have a real conversation. You can easily use chatbots to answer basic-level questions, and your bot could recommend relevant blogs or articles as answers based on visitor interest. Your bot could also recommend relevant products or services according to the user’s query or preference. This personalised touch keeps people on your site longer, clicking through more pages, and generating more sessions, which is exactly what search engines like to see.  
So, how do you get started? It’s easier than you think! There are plenty of user-friendly chatbot platforms out there, and some social media channels even have built-in chat features. Start simply by answering FAQs or offering product recommendations. As you get comfortable, you can explore more advanced features and personalise the experience further. Remember, the key is to be helpful, informative, and engaging, just like you would in any good conversation!

Search engines love websites that keep their visitors engaged, and conversations are the key method to keep that up. Plus, those conversationsare a gold mine of information, letting you know what people are looking for, what they want, and what the content gap is on your website. All of this will help you understand your audience’s needs through conversations, and you can create content targeting your audience. 

Lastly, conversational marketing is more than just a passing trend; it’s a fundamental shift in the way we approach SEO. By prioritising real conversations with your audience, you create a more engaging experience and ultimately build a winning SEO strategy. You might be surprised at how much these interactions can improve your SEO and your overall customer experience. So, start chatting, listen to your audience, and watch your website climb the search engine ranks! 

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